The #1 estate planning software to manage all your client data.

Impress your clients with the ease and simplicity of getting data to you and easily helping them make estate planning decisions. Legacy Architects™ is the only fully virtual attorney-client collaboration vault for estate planning.

What's your most expensive intake mistake?

Why do some attorneys seem to effortlessly manage their client data, while others struggle with expensive intake mistakes that take up time and money?

Most Popular Features



Customize Your Prebuilt Intake Form to Give Your Prospects and Clients an Impressive Experience.

Impress your prospects and clients with a secure intake form that feels welcoming and doesn't overwhelm them, and then after they hire you it transforms into an intuitive and organized client vault housing all their data and documents. Ditch the word documents and fillable PDFs!


All Intake Data is Presented Right Next to All Design Questions You Need to Ask.

Continue the data-gathering and decision-making process with ease right in the same platform as the intake form, adding design notes directly in the client vault. Your client maintains secure access on their end and can login anytime to review and approve all their data and decisions. It's as simple as it sounds!


Track Trust Funding Status Right Inside the Client Vault.

Ensure your client's trust is funded by using our clear and trackable funding action center. You and your client can see exactly which assets are funded, how much of their full estate is funded, any funding documentation, and your funding notes. Never let an asset go through probate again!

How to Impress Your Clients


Access for Couples

Both spouses or partners in a couple get access to the same intake form and their client vault, each with their own separate credentials. They can see each other's work and make updates to any data or documents at any time. Unheard of in estate planning software!

Name Consistency

The names of clients, children, fiduciaries and beneficiaries are stored and managed in a name "vault" so that one person's name remains consistent throughout an entire estate plan. This eliminates the confusion that arises when the same person's name is spelled differently through an estate plan. No more inconsistencies!

Data Locking

To ensure the client vault remains a reflection of the estate plan as you have drafted it, you can lock your client's vault so that they have view-only access. They can request that you unlock the vault anytime they want to make a change to their data or their plan. This helps you maintain integrity of what's in the vault!

Why might you want Legacy Architects?

Especially if there are other options out there?




  • Online intake form and secure client vault
  • In-app trust funding tracking and status
  • Customizable to your law firm brand
  • Unlimited client vaults
  • New features ongoing plus locked-in price forever


What does Legacy Architects software do exactly?

Legacy Architects is one-of-a-kind software that helps your estate planning firm manage all data from client intake through client approval entirely in one secure platform. Each client has their own "client vault" where all of their biographical and asset information go, along with all their design choices for their estate plan, as well as your internal drafting notes that you want to make sure your drafter sees. You can say goodbye to managing client data on a wobbly mish-mash of software such as online forms, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and document sharing vaults.

Can I brand Legacy Architects to my firm's look and feel?

Yes, you can make the Legacy Architects intake form and client vault look as if it is white-labeled by you. You can upload your firm logo and select your desired colors, and also indicate which firm email address their email notifications come from, so that your prospects and clients feel like the client vault is simply an extension of your firm.

What if I have a client who wants to do everything by paper, not software?

That's totally fine! We understand some clients will be resistant to utilizing software throughout their estate planning experience and will prefer to interact with you on paper. In this case, we have paper templates that closely match the Legacy Architects client vault, and you can invite your prospects and clients to complete the paper versions. Then your team would transfer the data from the paper version into the Legacy Architects vault for your safekeeping (you would shred their paper form once you do that). You can also export the client vault data into Word at any time to share a snapshot of your client's data when they need to review and approve it.

Does Legacy Architects replace Clio or Lawmatics?

Legacy Architects supplements a CRM or practice management software such as Clio or Lawmatics, but does not replace it. Legacy Architects software is designed very to solve the specific challenge of data gathering, refinement, and client approval; whereas a program like Clio or Lawmatics is covers a larger scope of your practice such as scheduling, task management, billing and invoices, etc. There might be some overlap such as online form capabilities and document sharing portal.

Our recommendation is not to think of a traditional CRM as the place to house and store estate planning intake data and decisions – it requires so many fields in those systems that it would be overwhelming to view any contact record with that number of fields involved. Ideally, a CRM is used only for other parts of the practice such as scheduling, automated marketing, prospect and client segmentation and tagging, billing and invoicing, and similar. Then, anything related to the estate plan decisions and data itself lives in Legacy Architects as the master place for that information.