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I'm Bonnie Faucett.

When I was practicing as a full-time estate planning attorney with a busy practice, I was trying to do it all but feeling like there was not enough time. I would be sending last-minute emails to clients with a few more pieces of information I had forgotten to ask, and I would be drafting at the eleventh hour because my process was chaotic. I figured there had to be a better way, and I started working on the problem, uncovering key things they didn't teach me in law school. Then I realized the problem was bigger than I thought, and I started sharing it. With Legacy System™ I'm sharing for the first time exactly how I figured out how to stop the madness of clunky data intake and last-minute drafting, find my sanity and a way to serve double the clients without working more or hiring more staff, and give my clients a great impression for my clients to boot.

Our Team



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Bonnie Faucett is the founder and CEO of Legacy System™, the #1 program for estate planning attorneys who want to dial in their data and drafting processes in a deeper and more sustainable way.

Bonnie is also a passionate entrepreneur, Army wife, mom to five kids and stepmom to two.Bonnie is a 3x business founder with two successful exits. Since transitioning from being a full-time estate planning attorney into creating programs to help estate planning attorneys run their practice, she has helped 650+ attorneys implement efficient systems with confidence.

On average, her Legacy System™ students have saved 59 hours per month within six months.



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Emilia is a certified paralegal with five years of experience in estate planning. She graduated from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law with a Master of Legal Studies degree. As an estate planning paralegal, she has assisted attorneys in drafting comprehensive estate plans that meet clients’ needs.

Emilia currently resides in Indiana. When the cold winter months subside, Emilia loves spending cherished moments with her family, particularly attending her son’s sporting events. Additionally, she finds joy in soaking up the sun at the beach or catching a game at Wrigley Field. In her downtime, Emilia loves to explore her creative side in the kitchen, indulging in her passion for baking and following precise recipes to create delicious treats.



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Debi has two important perspectives she brings to our team and our clients: she is an estate planning attorney with over 11 years of experience and she is also our Product Manager helping to ensure our clients' experience is as best as it can be.

Debi pursued her law degree while juggling a family and a full-time career as a high school math teacher, and she understands that lawyers do not have unlimited time or financial resources and need to be mindful about where they invest their efforts and energy.

With Debi's dual perspective, she helps all of us ensure we do not lose sight of the real day-to-day experience of our clients and how to serve them best in the trenches.




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Ben Sboto is a Junior Software Developer working on Legacy Architects. A graduate of Boston University, Ben has worked in the finance and retirement industry for many years before joining the Legacy Architects team. He has worked operationally with clients navigating the estate inheritance process and sees the need for a holistic solution from a software perspective.In his spare time,

Ben likes to rock climb and is an avid bread baker.




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Christian is an engineering graduate who has worked in the BPO industry for many years. He would make it his mission to make sure he would sort out his customers' issues and go the extra mile to help out.

In his free time, he usually enjoys doing indoor activities and practicing martial arts.




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Theresa has assisted Bonnie since 2018 with estate planning tasks and software. She pays close attention to detail and ensures all drafts are prepared timely.

Theresa is a wife and a mom to a rambunctious toddler.



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Tina is a new addition to Your Legacy Drafting after taking a twenty-year career sabbatical to raise her three children. Prior to children, she was a paralegal at law firms in Washington, D.C. and Charlottesville, Virginia, where she discovered that she enjoyed estate planning and administration work the most. As an Estate Plan Drafter with YLD, Tina works diligently and efficiently to provide high quality drafting support to our clients.

Tina lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with her husband, children, and two cats. As a mom of two teens in high school and a young adult in college, she is learning to treasure this current season of parenting. She enjoys attending her teens' baseball and soccer games, visiting her college student at college, volunteering, reading, cooking, and cozy moments on the couch with her sleepy cats.



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Emily Scherschligt is an attorney with seven years of experience in the areas of estate planning, elder law, adult guardianship and probate. She has experience in multiple practice settings, having worked in both private practice and academia, helping clients and families navigate the estate planning and special needs trust planning process, and has a special interest and expertise in legal writing and drafting.

Emily graduated with a B.A. in communications from Valparaiso University, and earned her law degree from Loyola University Chicago.

Emily previously lived and practiced law in Illinois and Wisconsin, and currently resides in Minnesota with her husband and three active children. Emily is involved in local government and is active in her community.



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Laine is a certified paralegal with a B.S. in Special Education and an A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies. She worked in the field of autism spectrum disorder for 20 years before changing career paths.

Before joining Legacy Drafting, she was an Estate Clerk in her county’s probate court in her native South Carolina. She also has experience with real estate research and deeds.

Laine lives with her mother as a caretaker, her 4 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 anole (lizard). Her horse Raz is boarded just down the road. She is involved in her church and local politics. She also volunteers at the Humane Society and with the Penguin Project, a theater production for children and teens who have disabilities and are accompanied on stage by peer mentors.



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Janis is the all-important proofreader of all drafts we prepare to ensure accuracy and consistency. She checks for the most obvious but most likely errors such as the misspelling of names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, and also double-checks the listing of all fiduciaries to ensure consistency with your clients' wishes. Janis ensures you are always satisfied with the quality of your estate plans.

Our Advisors



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As a practicing estate planning attorney, Rebecca Begelman Strub Esq. is a product advisor for Legacy Architects. Rebecca helps to ensure the software is user-friendly and client-friendly, and ultimately provides a secure and enjoyable experience in managing all estate planning client data.



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John Kuest is a strategic advisor to startups, manager of an equity fund, and has his MBA with 30+ years in entrepreneurship. He has invested in over 100 companies and has participated in multiple exits. John offers strategic guidance to Legacy Architects in the areas of product development, customer success, marketing, and sales.



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Dax has 10+ years in ad tech world and helping companies choose the right vendors and strategic partners.



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Pamela Maass Garrett is an Estate Planning Attorney, mother, wife, engineer and CEO of Law Mother LLC, a law firm she founded to help parents protect their futures and loved ones.

As a busy law firm owner Pamela discovered that many of her colleagues also struggled with high quality drafting support. She jumped at the opportunity to team up with Bonnie Faucett and create a complete system for outsourcing your data management as much as possible so you can focus on your prospects, clients, and what you love to do most.

Prior to law school, Pamela earned her B.S. in Industrial Engineering, M.S. in Civil Engineering, and she enjoys implementing innovative technologies to help her clients and fellow attorneys.