The most expensive part of your firm is how you're handling data and drafting.

It doesn't have to be that way estate planning attorneys. It's time to dial in your data and drafting system in a smooth and organized way (finally!) so that you can serve double the clients without working more.

Introducing Legacy System Membership™

The #1 most costly part of your estate planning firm is how you're gathering data from your clients and getting estate plans drafted for their signature. It's time to dial in your data and drafting system in a smooth and organized way (finally!) so that you can serve double the clients without working more.




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Who Is This Membership Best For?

Solo and Small Firms

You're a solo practitioner or small law firm providing estate planning to your community.

Engaging At Least 3 New Clients Monthly

You're signing on at least 3 new estate planning clients per month (which is the critical juncture where you start to feel the squeeze with inefficient systems).

With an Average Estate Plan Fee of $3,000+

Your average fee for each estate plan is $3,000 or higher (meaning you're not a document mill and you offer a personalized service to your clients).

Bonnie Faucett, CEO


I'm Bonnie Faucett."

Bonnie Faucett is the founder and CEO of Legacy System™, the #1 program for estate planning firms that want to dial in their data and drafting processes in a deeper and more sustainable way. Bonnie is also a passionate entrepreneur, Army wife, mom to five kids and stepmom to two.

Bonnie is a 3x business founder with two successful exits. Since transitioning from being a full-time estate planning attorney into creating programs to help estate planning firms run their practice efficiently, she has helped 650+ firms implement streamlined systems with confidence.

On average, Bonnie's Legacy System™ students have saved 59 hours per month within six months.

Bonnie Faucett, CEO and Founder

How The Legacy System Membership Works


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Dive into the Legacy Hub and start taking the immediate action steps so you can enjoy more sanity.


Serve double the clients with the same amount of effort and time.

Why Would You Need This Program?

If you've ever had a client make a last-minute change to their estate plan or if you've drafted a plan late at night, a chaotic or inefficient system is at fault. You need this.

Can you imagine a future reality where you are serving more clients than you are right now without working more or hiring more staff?

As a full-time estate planning attorney with her own busy firm, Bonnie experienced firsthand just how difficult and time consuming it is to implement a smooth estate planning workflow.

It was practically a full-time job to create and manage a well-oiled machine for data and drafting, on top of being a full-time attorney.

Maybe you struggle with the same issues... things like:

  • You know you waste time on administrative tasks instead of working on the business and helping families but you don't know what to do differently.
  • You know that a smooth process is absolutely necessary to scale a law firm but you're not confident you know exactly what that process looks like or how to implement it.
  • You see (perhaps enormous) challenges in the areas of data gathering, document management and drafting.
  • You know you need to a process that is done correctly and in a way that is efficient and "wows" your clients but that your current process isn't cutting it.
  • You know it's critical that you speed up your process so you can increase your firm's capacity to do more estate plans with the same amount of time and the same staff.
  • Your gut tells you there is a better way than how you're currently doing it but you're not sure exactly what that is.

My current process for data gathering, document management and drafting creates too much paper and is inefficient. It is very frustrating and is costing me money. There has got to be a better way.



What's Included?

Your firm gets access to the four critical pieces of the puzzle that altogether make up a smooth and elegant legacy system:

  • Legacy Architects software so you can manage client data in a single collaborative platform with your clients.
  • Legacy Drafting service so you can immediately implement a smooth and reliable outsourced drafting service without having to train or oversee the drafting team (we've already done all that for you!).
  • Legacy Hub education, training, templates and resources so you know exactly how to leverage what we provide in the fastest way.
  • Direct access to Bonnie, the creator of Legacy System™ with weekly office hours for you and your team so you can get the most out of your membership and have more time to do what you love.

Bonnie and the Legacy System team are available every single week during office hours just for you.

The Vision

Legacy System Membership™ is for the estate planning attorney who is tired of the chaotic and messy process of gathering client data and last-minute drafting.

For several months prior to launching the Legacy System Membership, Bonnie was receiving DMs from people who have reached out with questions like:

  • “Can you train my drafter?”
  • “Is there a way to have your drafting team help me?”
  • “Do you have a bundle for your software and drafting service?”
  • “How can I stay connected to your community?”

Prior to this, Bonnie had never considered creating a space for an estate planning community to grow together ongoing to tackle the challenges with software, drafting, intake, signing, funding and everything in between.

Then Bonnie started to envision a place where we can:

  • Stop solving the same problem we all experience with data, documents and drafting in a thousand different ways (if we all have the same common problem, why isn’t there a common solution? well there is now!).
  • Create for you a bundle of the various things Bonnie has been working on over the past few years.
  • And share our wins and challenges to help our colleagues leap frog the same problems we all experience. (You're not in it alone!)

With this in mind, we launched the brand new Legacy System Membership to create a place where we can do all of the above and more.

What Do You Learn?

Module 0: Foundation

You'll set up access to our Legacy Hub that hosts all of our on-demand education, trainings, templates and resources, and you will activate your Legacy Architects law firm account, including getting it customized properly just how you want it.

Then you'll submit your Legacy Drafting onboarding form so that our drafting team can be ready to draft for you, and you'll communicate your firm's drafting preferences and custom drafting scenarios to our team, and we'll iron out any details with you.

Plus you'll get a brief but deep training on Bonnie's Elegant Data Model™, the cornerstone of everything we have built into membership.

Module 1: Intake

You'll follow our exact intake process and will learn how to leverage the Legacy Architects software to make intake much faster, more efficient and more secure. You'll do this with a test contact so you personally can see and experience what your prospects and clients will see and experience, and then you'll invite your first prospect or client to create their account in Legacy Architects to complete the intake form.

Then you will do a mini-dance in front of your computer when you see that first email notification come in that your prospect or client successfully completed the intake form. 💃

Module 2: Design

Then you'll learn our secret sauce: how to conduct the design discussion with clients using Legacy Architects client vault to note and save all design choices. You'll implement script to use with your clients on what to expect thereafter: specifically, that you will provide them with a deadline by which they will review and finalize their data inside Legacy Architects, and how they can do so with ease.

And then pop the champagne! 🥂 Because the moment your client finalizes their data is the moment you'll truly realize the elegance of this system. That's "green light" for you to start drafting with the confidence that your client won't change their mind a dozen more times between then and the signing.

Module 3: Drafting

Then you'll learn the best practices on prepping a client's data so it is fully complete, accurate and ready for the Legacy Drafting team. You'll submit your first draft request to the Legacy Drafting team and we'll take it from there. Inside Legacy Architects we'll keep you updated with the status while the draft is on our desk for preparation.

Once our Legacy Drafting team delivers the estate plan draft to you, you will review it for accuracy, make any edits (and list any edits you made), and compile and communicate feedback for our team. The feedback for every draft you send us becomes a cornerstone for a really solid drafting relationship with our team to deliver highly personalized drafts to you so that you spend less time on double-checking everything and more time on where your expertise is best spent.

Module 4: Signing

Now that your client's estate plan is ready for their signature, you will conduct the signing meeting and facilitate the proper execution of their documents. You will also discuss the funding process and share how to utilize the Legacy Architects client vault to track and monitor funding status.

If you run a virtual firm or virtual signing meeting, you will learn best practices and tips on handling the complete signing process over zoom and how to assist your clients with proper execution of their estate plan remotely.

Modules 5-6: Binder and Funding

You'll then follow a checklist on how to "process" the originals once these are signed, including the importance of uploading the scans of the signed originals to the Legacy Architects client vault. We'll also ensure you know your clients' most commonly asked questions at this stage as those relate to Legacy Architects and safekeeping of their originals, and how to answer those with ease and clarity at the binder meeting.

Real Success Stories

“This is just a lifesaver.”

Michelle Camps Esq.


I love that everything is handled in one place.

Paul Pfeiffer Esq.


100% better than anything we've used before.

Deirdre O'Donnell Esq.


How Do Office Hours Work?

Weekly office hours are live zoom meetings where your whole team and Bonnie along with her team get together in real-time to be available to you and support you however you need in any given week. Are you stuck? We'll help you get unstuck. Need a template? We'll help you find it. Want to bounce a client issue off others for their ideas and insight? Go right ahead.

Bonnie also shares an "alignment" nugget if you need a quick mindset reset, covering topics like sticking by your value (and not discounting), living in the tension of progress vs. perfection, the power and necessity of metabolizing your past experiences, and more.

Get Unstuck
  • Are you hitting a roadblock anywhere as you implement our system?
  • Do you need a recommendation on a template or resource that would solve a pressing problem for you?

20m focused time

Tap Into the Brain Trust
  • Do you have a challenging client relationship or an unusual client request?
  • Share the issue with our team and your fellow colleagues (while keeping client identity confidential), and get fresh ideas on baffling questions.

20m focused time

Alignment and Realignment
  • Do you need a mindset reset?
  • Learn from Bonnie who (in most cases with what you bring) has "been there, done that." So many problems are easily surmountable with the right perspective once you know what that is.

20m focused time


When you join, you get direct access to Bonnie for a complimentary one-to-one "Pathway to Success" zoom call. This gives you the opportunity to make sure you're setup for success from moment one, and we'll tackle and break down any blockers or resistance you might be dealing with.

Julie Upshaw Esq.


“With your system I don't feel alone in my practice.”

Mary Ann Wehr Esq.


“The drafts are wonderful. So very appreciated!”

Bijan Roboubi Esq.


“I feel like I have the world’s greatest team in my corner.”

How To Join




  • Legacy Architects software so you can manage client data in a single collaborative platform with your clients
  • Legacy Hub education, training, templates and resources so you know exactly how to leverage what we provide in the fastest way
  • "How To Draft Faster" course so you can save 5+ hours for every estate plan draft
  • Direct access to Bonnie, the creator of Legacy System™ with weekly office hours for you and your team so you can get the most out of your membership and have more time to do what you love
  • Dedicated slack channel for access to Bonnie and her Legacy team to support you with any questions. (value of $1,000 based on Bonnie's 15 years' worth of trials and errors that you get to leap frog over instead of go through yourself)
  • Access to our add-ons including Legacy Drafting (outsourced drafting service), Client Data Concierge (an trained and ready-to-go virtual assistant to help keep your prospects and clients on track with their deadlines), and Lawmatics Starter Pack (like strapping a rocket ship to your Lawmatics app).

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Legacy Architects software do exactly?

Legacy Architects is one-of-a-kind software that helps your estate planning firm manage all data from client intake through client approval entirely in one secure platform. Each client has their own "client vault" where all of their biographical and asset information go, along with all their design choices for their estate plan, as well as your internal drafting notes that you want to make sure your drafter sees. You can say goodbye to managing client data on a wobbly mish-mash of software such as online forms, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and document sharing vaults.

Can I brand Legacy Architects to my firm's look and feel?

Yes, you can make the Legacy Architects intake form and client vault look as if it is white-labeled by you. You can upload your firm logo and select your desired colors, and also indicate which firm email address their email notifications come from, so that your prospects and clients feel like the client vault is simply an extension of your firm.

What if I have a client who wants to do everything by paper, not software?

That's totally fine! We understand some clients will be resistant to utilizing software throughout their estate planning experience and will prefer to interact with you on paper. In this case, we have paper templates that closely match the Legacy Architects client vault, and you can invite your prospects and clients to complete the paper versions. Then your team would transfer the data from the paper version into the Legacy Architects vault for your safekeeping (you would shred their paper form once you do that). You can also export the client vault data into Word at any time to share a snapshot of your client's data when they need to review and approve it.

Does Legacy Architects replace Clio or Lawmatics?

Legacy Architects supplements a CRM or practice management software such as Clio or Lawmatics, but does not replace it. Legacy Architects software is designed very to solve the specific challenge of data gathering, refinement, and client approval; whereas a program like Clio or Lawmatics is covers a larger scope of your practice such as scheduling, task management, billing and invoices, etc. There might be some overlap such as online form capabilities and document sharing portal.

Our recommendation is not to think of a traditional CRM as the place to house and store estate planning intake data and decisions – it requires so many fields in those systems that it would be overwhelming to view any contact record with that number of fields involved. Ideally, a CRM is used only for other parts of the practice such as scheduling, automated marketing, prospect and client segmentation and tagging, billing and invoicing, and similar. Then, anything related to the estate plan decisions and data itself lives in Legacy Architects as the master place for that information.


Is drafting software included?

Our drafting service takes care of the 4-7 hours of busy work doing the drafting interview and assembling and editing the Word documents for attorney review and sign-off, whereas the drafting service is not itself drafting software. We work in your desired drafting software that you would subscribe to separately. Our team is trained in the popular platforms out there and feel free to contact us if you need to confirm which platforms we are currently equipped to draft in.

How much is the drafting fee per request?

For each draft request you send to our Legacy Drafting team, the fee ranges from $300 to $500 depending on whether the client is a single individual or a couple and whether we are preparing a will-based plan or trust-based plan. We have discount bulk packages available for purchase so you can save money as you have a reliable volume of drafting that needs to be done.

What if I have extra documents that I include with each plan? Does your drafting team prepare those too?

Yes, our team is happy to prepare additional documents that you include in each estate plan. Note we do not draft the standard documents from scratch (e.g., trust, will, power of attorney, etc.) that your drafting software should accommodate. We can draft the ancillary or supplemental documents you might want such as guardianship documents, a statutory power of attorney, a specific deed, etc. You would provide the template and our team uses the template when preparing your draft requests.

What's different about your drafting service compared to other outsourcing options?

We are different from the standard outsourcing options in four different ways:

  • You are assigned a dedicated drafter so that the same person who gets to know you, your firm, and your preferences is working on every draft request you send us. We do not randomly assign drafts to anyone on our team, only your dedicated drafter.
  • You have direct access to our entire team in a dedicated Slack channel for you and everyone in your firm. This allows us to quickly help you and your staff with any questions that arise, and eliminates the chaos and hassle of dealing with email threads where important information can get scrambled or buried.
  • Every draft has four unique pairs of eyes to review everything for accuracy and completeness. We have our administrative assistant do the first pass, then your drafter does the bulk of the work inside the drafting interview and assembled documents, then our proofreader ensures accurate spelling of names and contact information along with correct listing of fiduciaries, and finally our final reviewer does one last fresh review of everything to ensure nothing was missed.
  • We promise a five-day turnaround time for drafts so that you can schedule signing meetings with confidence, not having to worry about whether a draft will be returned to you last minute or too late for a signing to take place as scheduled.


Is there a long-term commitment?

The membership commitment is month-to-month with no cancellation penalty. We always recommend that for any investment in a new system, you take the approach that you are "in it to win it" and will not spontaneously allow outside factors such as a slow month, a rare negative situation with a client, or anything similar to compromise the system you are committing to building.

How much time will it take me to implement what I learn?

Plan to set aside 2-3 hours per week to get the most out of this program and make progress toward your smooth and elegant legacy system. Included in this time frame are the weekly office hours with Bonnie along with the time we expect you will need to acclimate to your upleveled process. Invite your whole team to office hours so that you are not solely responsible for transferring all the knowledge you learn to your team; we understand how time-consuming that is and this is precisely why we have designed this program with office hours as a key pillar of the benefits. And don't forget the biggest benefit of all – with 2-3 hours per week for a couple of months, you are setting the stage to double your new client engagements over many months and years. We love the mantra "Slow down to speed up."

Can I downgrade at a later date or is the price always the same?

You may downgrade upon request to only Legacy Architects at $299/mo. We do not have an option to downgrade to only Legacy Drafting (as we require that attorneys utilizing our Legacy Drafting team to also utilize our Legacy Architects software). Downgrade is effective on your next charge date; we do not offer pro-rated refunds.

Will this program actually help me?

Yes. When Bonnie was a busy estate planning attorney, the two hardest parts of her workflow to dial in were (1) data management and refinement and (2) drafting, even though all other aspects of her firm were running smoothly and efficiently on automation and clear checklists. Those are the two most-often ignored aspects of estate planning firms, and no service out there does justice to these two areas in the way Legacy System™ was created to do so. It is precisely because of this frustrating experience that Bonnie transitioned out of full-time practice and into developing software and systems to help estate planning firms solve these two frustrating issues with ease and elegance. Bonnie knows from her own experience and the 650+ attorneys she has worked with in the past six years that most firms can double their new client engagements in the same amount of time and with the same staff. What would you do with all that additional revenue or free time? The world is your oyster.