Don't draft alone anymore.

The best use of your time is not spent behind the computer screen doing the busy-work of drafting estate plans or managing those who do. We help you do better with your drafting so you have more time for what you love.

We save you more than time.

We also save your sanity. We know that meticulous and tedious drafting is frustrating – hundreds of questions in drafting interviews, last-minute emails with clients because of missing data you need from them, and late nights behind the computer screen because you were too busy to start drafting until the night before a signing.

It doesn't have to be that way anymore.


You make a great impression with your clients given our precise approach to drafting.


You save yourself hours when you finally hand over all the tedious drafting to our team.


You present ready-to-sign documents given our four sets of eyes on each draft.




attorney hours saved



Drafting Bundles

We know every client has different needs and goals so we've designed bundles with customization in mind. Pick and choose which bundle you want for each draft request you send us, which helps you control costs and expectations.






Will Essentials Bundle

$300 SINGLE  |  $350 COUPLE

Includes Estate Plan Summary, Last Will and Testament, and State-Specific Ancillaries. Also includes Guardianship Nominations for parents of minors.

Estate Plan Summary

A concise overview of your client's estate planning data and design – ideal for their review and finalization before drafting.

Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust designed to avoid probate.

Last Will and Testament

A traditional last will for will-based plans or pour-over will for trust plans.

Ancillaries For Each State

Powers of attorney, living will, and HIPAA release, plus any traditional documents by state.


Nomination of guardian documents for parents of minors. Includes full Kids Protection Plan® for active Personal Family Lawyers.

Color Trust Diagram

A birds' eye visual of how the trust works, from now through the time beneficiaries receive assets.

Asset Table With To-Do's

A complete list of all assets and debts identified by your clients with trust funding instructions by line item.

Trust Funding Guidance

Step by step guidance on the trust funding instructions in the Asset Table plus a funding acknowledgment letter.

Deed Into Living Trust

One deed to trust in a U.S. state included. Recording and international deeds not included. Additional deeds $75 each.

Business Assignment

Assignments of U.S. business interests into trust to avoid probate for business owners. Additional assignments $35 each.

Get access to four key benefits you can't find anywhere else.

This estate plan drafting service was designed personally by our CEO and Founder Bonnie Faucett, an estate planning attorney herself. She knows exactly what she would have wanted in an outsourced drafting service and designed our program specifically with that in mind.

You get a dedicated drafter.

You are assigned a dedicated drafter so that the same person – who gets to know you, your firm, and your preferences – is working on every draft request you send us. We do not randomly assign drafts to anyone on our team, only to your dedicated drafter.

You have direct access to our whole team.

You have direct access to our entire team in a dedicated Slack channel for you and everyone in your firm. This allows us to quickly help you and your staff with any questions that arise, and eliminates the chaos and hassle of dealing with email threads where important information can get scrambled or buried.

We put four sets of eyes on every draft.

Every draft has four unique pairs of eyes to review everything for accuracy and completeness. We have our administrative assistant do the first pass, then your drafter does the bulk of the work inside the drafting interview and assembled documents, then our proofreader ensures accurate spelling of names and contact information along with correct listing of fiduciaries, and finally our final reviewer does one last fresh review of everything to ensure nothing was missed.

We promise a 5-business day turnaround for every draft.

We promise a five-business day turnaround time for drafts so that you can schedule signing meetings with confidence, not having to worry about whether a draft will be returned to you last minute or too late for a signing to take place as scheduled.


Is drafting software included?

Our drafting service takes care of the 4-7 hours of busy work doing the drafting interview and assembling and editing the Word documents for attorney review and sign-off, whereas the drafting service is not itself drafting software. We work in your desired drafting software that you would subscribe to separately. Our team is trained in the popular platforms out there and feel free to contact us if you need to confirm which platforms we are currently equipped to draft in.

How much is the drafting fee per request?

For each draft request you send to our Legacy Drafting team, the fee ranges from $300 to $500 depending on whether the client is a single individual or a couple and whether we are preparing a will-based plan or trust-based plan. We have discount bulk packages available for purchase so you can save money as you have a reliable volume of drafting that needs to be done.

What if I have extra documents that I include with each plan? Does your drafting team prepare those too?

Yes, our team is happy to prepare additional documents that you include in each estate plan. Note we do not draft the standard documents from scratch (e.g., trust, will, power of attorney, etc.) that your drafting software should accommodate. We can draft the ancillary or supplemental documents you might want such as guardianship documents, a statutory power of attorney, a specific deed, etc. You would provide the template and our team uses the template when preparing your draft requests.

How much time does this save me?

We have drafted over 1,940 estate plans to date and we have our drafting process down to a science. It has taken us many combined years and many trials and errors to get here, and based on all of that prior experience we can say with confidence that you save at least 4-7 hours per estate plan draft.

Can I make edits to a draft?

Yes, you have the opportunity to make any edits to any estate plan draft before you present it to your client for signature. We send you all the editable documents for your review.

Is there an onboarding process? Do you help me with custom scenarios?

Yes, we have an onboarding process designed to help you get up and running with our drafting team as quickly as possible. Onboarding includes:

  • Custom scenario setup (or if your chosen drafting software does not allow for custom scenarios, we help you with a "preference sheet" so that our drafting team knows exactly how you want every question answered in advance).
  • Introduction to your dedicated drafter so you can get to know them and get the relationship off to a great start.
  • Invitation to your dedicated Slack channel where you have direct access to your drafter and our whole Legacy System team to support you.
  • A quick rundown of exactly how you submit draft requests so you can get this off your plate as soon as possible.
  • And access to our Legacy Hub where we have great helpful resources like "How to Ignite Your Drafting Process", "How We Calculate Delivery Dates", "Discount Drafting Packages", and more!

How do I enroll?

Our Legacy Drafting service is exclusively available for our Legacy System Members. Once you join Legacy System Membership, you are eligible to access our Legacy Drafting team for a one-time setup fee of $997. Check out all the Legacy System Membership details here.